It is a great pleasure for me as Minister for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade to welcome you to this website.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade has the responsibility of promoting and protecting Solomon Islands and its citizen’s interests abroad. Through its diplomatic missions abroad it seeks to enhance Solomon Islands Security and prosperity by promoting political, economic and social relations between the Country and the rest of the world.

The website will guide officials, as well as the media, civil society and the public, providing a clear framework and process for accessing and disseminating information.

The aim of establishing this website is to enhance your access to the much needed information about the Ministry and Solomon islands as a whole.

It will share various information’s regarding our mutual interests on matters relating to the country and its relations with the international community at large.

The Ministry remains Solomon Islands’ first line of defense and offence in the Country’s foreign relations. Its principle role is to provide the government of the day with appropriate advice on the conduct of its relations and to meaningfully execute its policies.

In many cases this website will be the first point of entry for people wanting to seek information about the Country and this website will provide the much needed information

I hope that you will find this website useful in your search for information on Solomon Islands and what it has to offer as a destination for any intending Investors, Tourists, students, international volunteers or non-government and government officials.

I also want express my gratitude to those who have contributed in the establishment of the website.

Tagio tumas