The Aid-for-Trade initiative was launched in 2005 through the Hong Kong WTO Ministerial Declaration which called for the expansion and improvement of aid for trade. In 2006 a WTO taskforce on Aid for Trade was set up and, with the support of the WTO and the OECD, has undertaken to define, measure and report on aid for trade.

Aid for Trade is assistance focused on helping developing countries, particularly LDCs to improve their trade capacity and provide support to promote economic growth. Developing countries face supply-side constraints that limit their ability to benefit from the world trading system. These constraints may include internal barriers such as lack of knowledge, excessive red tape, or poor infrastructure. Targeting these supply-side constraints is what Aid for Trade is all about.

The WTO Task Force recommended that Aid for Trade covers six categories:

  • Trade policy and regulations
  • Trade development
  • Trade related infrastructure
  • Building productive capacity
  • Trade-related adjustment
  • Other trade related needs

As well as receiving aid for trade support at the multilateral level, Solomon Islands receives bilateral support from our major donor partners to promote trade.

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