The T&LS Unit (The Unit) manages regional and international treaties, conventions and legal agreements that the government has entered into with other regional and international organisations. The Unit represents the government during treaty negotiations/conventions, conferences/meetings and legal negotiations/verification meetings at the bilateral and multilateral levels. The Unit continues to work closely with the Attorney General’s Chambers on such legally binding agreements, as well as technical and development cooperation frameworks.

The Unit, in conjunction with the political branches at Foreign Affairs and the External Trade, also offers legal opinion and advice to relevant stakeholders within the government and other non-state actors on issues related to its portfolio.

Being a key stakeholder The Unit is also part of intergovernmental committees/consultations undertaken nationally. The Unit uses such forums/processes to follow up on international obligations and national commitments made under various international treaties at the United Nations and other internationally recognised institutions under international law.

In close consultation with the Consular Services in the Protocol Department and Overseas Missions, the Unit is responsible for legal certification/legalisation of relevant documents for engagements abroad.